Village of Bolingbrook, IL

  • Engineered and Installed Village Wide Point to Point Microwave Network for First Responders Two Way Radio Communications
  • Engineered and Installed Village Wide MPLS Network to support all wireless links
  • Engineered and Installed Village Wide Wireless SCADA Network
  • Provide IT Services for Village to run Voice and Data services over Wireless network
  • Monitor Village Wide Network 24/7 from our data center
  • Provide Service and Maintenance on their wireless network
  • Project Start date January 2012
  • Project Complete date: On going

City of Prospect Heights, IL

  • Engineered and Installed City Wide Surveillance Network for Village Hall, Public Works and Police Departments
  • Engineered and Installed Wireless Surveillance Network covering several square miles in a Low Income housing area
  • Designed City Wide Surveillance Network to monitored from Police Station in Real Time
  • Designed Police Departments Security and Monitoring office
  • Provide IT Services for network, surveillance, telephone system and VoIP services
  • Monitor City Wide Network 24/7 from our Xtivity data center
  • Provide and Service and Maintenance on Cities systems
  • Project Start date September 2012
  • Projected Completed: on going

Arlington Heights School District 59, IL

  • Engineered and Designed Indoor Wireless Network for 15 Schools
  • Installed and Configured over 350 Ruckus Wireless Access Points in 15 schools within 5 days
  • Built redundant wireless network with Ruckus controllers and school districts existing Fiber
  • School District now runs on 1:1 platform (one computer to every one student) using wireless network
  • School District won an award from the White House for being one of the top 100 all wireless schools district in United States.
  • Project Start date June 2014
  • Project completed: June 2014

Dolton School District 149, IL

  • Engineered and Designed Indoor Wireless network for 10 Schools
  • Installed and Configured 400 indoor Meraki Access Points
  • Configured Wireless access points into Cloud Network
  • Hired to handle IT Services and Deploy 1:1 Wireless Network
  • Project Start Date March 2016
  • Project Completed: On Going

Chicago Housing Authority, IL

  • Engineered and Designed Wireless Surveillance Network
  • Connected over 900 buildings with wireless point to point radios for surveillance cameras
  • Configured Wireless to drop video onto their city wide fiber network
  • This network allowed the Office of Emergency Management in Chicago (OEMC) to view and monitor video in real time
  • Configured redundant wireless network on layer 3 switches
  • Project Start Date: February 2010
  • Project Completed: September 2012

BP Amoco

  • Engineered and Designed Wireless Mobility Surveillance Network for refinery
  • Configured Cisco Mobile Non-Explosive Wireless Radios
  • Engineered redundancy utilizing Wireless Mesh technology within radios
  • Transported video back to BP Headquarters to view and monitor in real time
  • Project Start Date: May 2013
  • Project Completed: August 2013

Wendella Boats of Chicago, IL

  • Engineered and Designed Surveillance System for twelve (12) cruising, sightseeing and taxi boats and loading docks
  • Installed over 100 vibration resistant security cameras
  • Installed and Configured all cameras onto a Network Video Recorders located on each boat or ticket office
  • Downloaded and Programmed video management software onto Wendella executives smart phones and corporate office computers so they can monitor video in real time
  • Provided service and maintenance – 2 year contract
  • Project Start Date: February 2012
  • Project Completed: May 2014

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