Wireless Networks

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Xtivity has over 25 years of experience designing, implementing, servicing and monitoring private wireless communication networks. We have over 50 certifications in a wide array of wireless products and services that really differentiates us from our competition. We customize and install networks based on the clients needs. Below are some of the benefits of a properly engineered and designed Xtivity Solutions Wireless Network?

  • Mobility: Wireless LAN systems can provide LAN users with access to real-time information anywhere in their organization. This mobility supports productivity and service opportunities not possible with wired networks. There are now thousands of universities, hotels and public places with public wireless connection. These free you from having to be at home or at work to access the Internet.
  • Installation Speed and Simplicity: Installing a wireless LAN system can be fast and easy and can eliminate the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings.
  • Reduced Cost-of-Ownership: While the initial investment required for wireless LAN hardware can be higher than the cost of wired LAN hardware, overall installation expenses and life-cycle costs can be significantly lower. Long-term cost benefits are greatest in dynamic environments requiring frequent moves and changes.
  • Scalability: Wireless LAN systems can be configured in a variety of topologies to meet the needs of specific applications and installations. Configurations are easily changed and range from peer-to-peer networks suitable for a small number of users to full infrastructure networks of thousands of users that enable roaming over a broad area.


Meet your needs for more robust and higher performing access points and turn-key solutions in areas or zones where Wi-Fi connectivity is required.

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